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Is it possible to transfer software from an old computer to a new computer?

Question by Snow: Is it possible to transfer software from an old computer to a new computer?
I’m thinking of buying a new computer but I want to have some software on there that I already have on my old computer. Can I use some kind of transfer-cable to move software to a new computer? For example, I have Sony Vegas 8 (movie editing software) but I don’t have the installation disc anymore. Could I transfer it to my new computer?

If all else fails, couldn’t I take some of the internal parts of the old computer and place them in my new one?

Best answer:

Answer by Vyrix
You could use your old hard drive in your new computer, then everything would still be there. You could get an external hard drive or a flash drive and transfer them through those or you could get an Ethernet cable and transfer it.

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yes it is possible. There are a couple ways to do it. Just connecting a ethernet cable wont do crap. If you choose to go that route, you are going to have to build a network and then adjust the properties of the files you want to share, and allow file sharing. Alot of work.
If it was me, I would take the drive out, put it in the new P.C. BUT you have to make sure the drives are the same. For example, if you is sata and the other is IDE, it wont work. The both have to be the same type drive. You will know by looking at the drive itself, looking at the properties of the drive, or the ribbon cable. If they are compatable, you then have to slave your second drive out. Now keep in mind that you can only run 2 drives per IDE. Which means 4 drives. So you have a hard drive and burner to one IDE port, that leaves you 1 port to play with.
The best thing I can tell you is to slave it out. Its the fastest, easiest way. You will also have the benefits of a second storage drive with ALL your previous data on it.

Google is your friend. There are thousands of resources that will guide you thru it.
Also, if you do slave it out, your new P.C. might not recognise it, so you will have to go to the bios to manually set it as the type of drive.
If you need help let me know, I canwalk you thru any process you decide to go thru. I will help you build a network, wireless network, or just your basic hard drive installation and slaving.

The easiest thing to do is to make the old HDD (Hard Disk Drive) a ‘slave’ HDD after you get the new one.

When you buy it, ask the clerk to show you which pin clip on the back of the old HDD to move over one position towards the center of the HDD.

Also have him/her show you how to put the middle ribbon cable connector on the ‘slave’ HDD.

Have him/her show you how to put the ‘slave’ HDD back in the HDD slot of the PC case.

I realize this is extremely difficult for some people to grasp, if the clerk hums and haws, walk away and buy elsewhere, that ain’t no PC clerk.

Four things to remember:
1. Move pin clip one position to the center.
2. Put middle ribbon cable connector on ‘slave’ HDD, colored side of cable on pin #1 (you can’t do it wrong unless you force it).
3. Put ‘slave’ HDD in case slot.
4. Attach power cable to MoBo (Motherboard) connectors.


move all the coresponding exe file and setup.

Unfortunately its not a simple as just moving the HD across or copying a few files.
There will also be DLL files in the windows directories and the registry settings will also need to be copied before the program will run correctly. Doing it manually is possible, if you know what you are doing and are not afraid to use a registry editor. But get it wrong and you can trash your system.

If you still know your serial number you may be able to download a copy from the sony website. You may want to contact sony customer support and see what options they can offer you.

Failing that then a software transfer tool such as Easy PC Transfer or similar, which copies the registry as well as the files.

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