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Q&A: What software has the best bang for my buck to edit and make DVD’s from my digital mini-dv tapes?

Question by enhmblt: What software has the best bang for my buck to edit and make DVD’s from my digital mini-dv tapes?
I have a sony digital tape camcorder. The software that came with it seems to be outdated plus there is no editing on it.

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Answer by iridflare
It depends how adventurous you want to get. I think Sony’s Vegas Movie Studio is a good candidate – it’s reasonably priced, very powerful and there’s a lot of on-line support for it. An alternative would be Serif’s MoviePlus. The price depends on what sort of deal you can cut with Serif, but the editor itself is very Vegas like and can do more than most amateurs will ever need.

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You read for Q&A: What software has the best bang for my buck to edit and make DVD’s from my digital mini-dv tapes?


Either Pinnacle or Sony Vegas Movie maker.

Google both and look over the abilities of both. Sony makes a variety of versions, and I believe Pinnacle does too. (Pinnacle is owned by AVID – a very professional video editing software company)

I use Sony Vegas, and I have used Pinnacle Studio. Pinnacle Studio is almost blindly simple to use, Sony Vegas Professional is what I use now, and it allows for very advanced techniques, but the consumer version is likely easier to use for a non professional.

Best wishes,

If you are already using Windows Movie Maker to edit your movies, you only need to find a DVD burning application. There are a few free application on the internet, or you can find a good cheap application at your local store or online.

If you need a full suite of editing software (both to edit and to create/burn DVDs), there are a few great choices:

Sony Vegas is probably your best series of options for Windows based PC. Sony offers several different versions of Vegas, and we recommend getting the most expensive version you can afford (for more choices in features and capability).

If you are on a Mac, iLife already has iMovie for editing video and iDVD for creating DVDs. iLife came free on Macs in 2007/2008, or you can get iLife 09 for under $ 100. You can also get Final Cut Express, but iMovie 09 now has many of the features found in FCE for a cheaper price. iMovie also integrates perfectly with iPhoto, iDVD, and GarageBand.

The great advantage of the Vegas series, iLife, Final Cut Studio, and Pinnacle Ultimate over other editing applications is that these packages come with DVD creation software. All of the versions of Vegas include DVD architect. iLife has iDVD, and FCS has DVD Studio. Pinnacle Studio Ultimate (by Avid) has a basic system for burning “theme based” edited movies directly to DVD. The DVD creation software is a separate purchase for all other video editing systems.

Try MagixMovie Edit Pro – best bang for buck

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