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Question by guy: software??
what is the best :
1. anti-virus software
2. anti-hacker software
3. anti-abuse software
4. anti-spammer software
5. firewall?
6. anti-trojan and worm software

*kindly justify your comments/posts
*im asking for the best software for each category. im not asking you to choose.

Best answer:

Answer by The Freak
1. anti-virus software

Give your answer to this question below!

You read for software??


One word: Panda Suite Titanium.


I’ve had tons of experience in this demesne, and can safely say Panda is the all-in-one mega one-stop-solution.

Incidentally, its also been awarded as the best security program beating the likes of McAfee (rank 5) and PC-Cillin (rank 2).

I’d say

1. anti-virus software: AVG ( for free version or Avast (
2. anti-hacker software: I don’t know, never used any, never need any
3. anti-abuse software: Don’t know either (is there any software categorized as anti abuse?)
4. anti-spammer software: Well, why would you need it? Spam is handled by mail server not you.
5. firewall? Zone Alarm (
6. anti-trojan and worm software: most antivirus product also include antitrojan and antiworm software so : AVG

They are all free or have a good and functional free version that often best competitor’s paid product.

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