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What software do I need to create a simple and straightforward website?

Question by Bugsy: What software do I need to create a simple and straightforward website?
The site will have pictures of products that I am showcasing and text describing the products and should be able to take payment. One friend suggested that I use dreamweaver, it contains everything that I need but another said that I need dreamweaver plus photoshop, illustrator and director and that I need all those to make a website. Is all that software necessary? I was just thinking of using dreamweaver on its own.

Best answer:

Answer by artgrantz
You don’t need any software to create a website. If you learn to write HTML code you can create a website using just Notepad.

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You read for What software do I need to create a simple and straightforward website?


Having an ecommerce website is a little more complicated than just whipping something up in Dreamweaver or any other HTML editor.

The simplest thing for you or anyone to do would be to sign up with some sort of established commerce hosting site. I believe Ebay does certain things like that as well as here on Yahoo. You can create an online tore and have them do the credit card transactions etc.. etc..

You could also look into setting up your own complete website with already proven software like OScommerce. It’s a whole drop in site that you can setup on any webhosting provider and add your products and images to, etc..

You shouldn’t even need Dreamweaver (which is very expensive) – try KompoZer, which is Open Source, thus free, and does almost everything that Dreamweaver does.

You might also need a photo editor if you’re going to do complicated things with the pictures, but you can get pretty good results from Picasa, which is also free.

I’d suggest you begin with the free products, and see how it goes. If your site starts making money, you can always invest in other software if you think you need it.

Dreamweaver does have image editing capabilities, but they are very limited. I would suggest you have some type of graphics/photoediting software to make your images more web friendly. You do not need illustrator or directory or photoshop for that matter. Any image editing software will do fine.

You can download gimp free and it will work for what you need, provided you already have your images and just need to resize/compress/save in different format…etc.

If you need to create images/logo’s etc…….I would suggest you download a trial version of paint shop pro, if you choose to buy the software, it costs a lot less than photoshop and has all of the capabilities….It is often referred to as a poor man’s photoshop. This poor man uses it, lol.

Good luck with your new site,


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